Innovation Bridge call for projects

The call for projects is an important part of the life of the Innovation Bridge hub.


The call for projects is an important part of the life of the Innovation Bridge hubs.

This approach allows us to co-create new sustainable development solutions as well as to take the opportunities that are offered to us in a rapidly changing economy. 

The call for projects consists of several stages for the smooth running and success of the project

I have ideas but what should I do now ?

A business canvas is provided to measure the viability, financial and societal impact of the project.

You are invited to complete it in full and send it accompanied by a description of the project to the person in charge of the hub in which you participate as well as to the Nomads Foundation.

The Foundation Board examines the proposal

The Nomads Foundation Board studies the proposed project(s) with the expertise of the hub manager. It assesses the financial viability, the impact of the project, its compliance with the charter and the hub’s mission.

Once the study is completed, the Foundation Board accepts or rejects the project. In case of refusal, the reasons are clearly and transparently explained to the person submitting the project.

The projet is accepted

As soon as the project is accepted by the Foundation Board, the participant is informed by the Nomads Foundation.

He is, as soon as possible, put in contact with the contacts necessary for the smooth running and implementation of the project within the hub.

You wish to submit a project ?

Sabrina Cohen-Dumani
Tél. : + 41 78 633 59 68

Léa Laveau
+ 41 78 853 01 27


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