DLD Innovation Festival

The Swiss Delegation to the DLD Innovation Festival started in 2014 at the initiative of Sabrina Cohen Dumani, Founder and President of Nomads Foundation. At that time, the Swiss delegation trip to Tel Aviv was restricted to a limited number of participants

The number of Swiss key players and start-ups in various domains has not stopped increasing over the years. Nomads Foundation is proud to announce that, this year, more than 80 of them were part of the Swiss Delegation in 2017. 

The delegation will be counting in its participants a number of high level specialists from the Swiss public policy organizations and the Swiss Space Delegation. As well as more than 20 CEO and Directors in various fields such as:
Spatial Technologies, Customer & Enterprise Products and Services, Education, Parapublic & Public Organizations, Venture Capital, Banking, Start-up Incubator, Medical Research, Press and many others.


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