The Innovation Bridge serves as a gateway to innovation so that companies of all sizes can quickly access expertise, talents and technology they need. It is about sharing ideas around new products and business models.

Innovation Bridge is a place designed to promote the sharing of know-how between companies of all sizes, startups and technology transfer centers, in addition to equally renowned external experts in order to innovate, co-create and anticipate tomorrow’s education.

In order to achieve these goals, Innovation bridge offers a co-creation platform to connect entrepreneurs, investors, NGO’s, IGO’s and technology directly with corporates and multinationals:

an outsourced co-creation platform

This gives our partners access to open innovation sourcing with world-class talent, technology and facilitators without having the costs or risks associated with setting up the same facility in-house.

Located in Geneva, that has like no other places in the world, such a high density of key-players such as :

  • + 200 start-ups
  • + 1500 Multinational Entreprises
  • + 40 International Organizations
  • + 300 NGOs
  • + 180 Foreign Permanent Missions
  • Many world class research and R&D centers
  • High ranked Universities

Our aim is to accommodate, in a building with a minimum surface area of 20,000m2, thematic hubs linked to the SDGs, as well as to integrate into this model an ethical dimension, which is essential for innovation and dual vocational training that is specific to the Swiss model. This technique will certainly accelerate (social and professional) integration of all.

Innovation Bridge is developing 5 key CO-CREATION HUBS

The Innovation Bridge aims to develop innovative solutions to implement the SDG 17  by developping the following CO-CREATION hubs :


Innovation bridge FUTURE OF JOBS & EDUCATION

SDG 4, 8 & 10


Innovation bridge SOCIAL CONTRACT 4.0

All 17 SDGs


Innovation bridge MOBILITY

launched in January 2018

SDG 7, 9, 11, 13 & 15


Innovation bridge SECURITY & PRIVATE LIFE

SDG 16


Innovation bridge HEALTH

SDG 3, 8 & 12

Innovation bridge FOOD

SDG 9, 12, 14 & 15

Innovation bridge ENERGY EFFICIENCY

SDG 6, 9, 11 & 14

What will Innovation bridge CAMPUS offer?



A place to showcase the best of our innovation and Swiss education system


Conference rooms

Learn what you need


Fablab facilities

Implicate you and bring expertise


Vocational and continuing education centers


Research centers


Find everything you need at the same place

The Innovation Bridge is a campus, where:

  • The open innovation center is a physical space, designed for facilitating collaborations.
  • The Fast prototyping / FabLab services lie the forefront of new trends.
  • Several “hubs” of activities, such as mobility (Smart Cities), cyber security, the digital revolution and future challenges around consumer goods, all thrive together.
  • This unique place encourages cooperation and partnerships of all sorts, including cooperation between international and local companies, international organizations, research institutes and schools.

Target Audiences, Tenants / Permanent :

  • Apprentices centers
  • Adult continuing education
  • Research Institutes
  • Applied and academic universities and ETH students
  • Multinational Entreprises
  • SMEs and SMIs
  • Start-ups
  • International Organizations & NGOs
  • Venture Capitals and Business angels

Main Spaces:

  • Coworking Spaces
  • FabLab
  • Auditoriums, workshops
  • Space for vocational training
  • Hubs

≥ Showcase: developing standard models to showcase innovation stories and to highlight the “Swiss model of learning” to foreign delegations.

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