The DLD Innovation Festival in Tel Aviv will take place from Sept. 3th – 7th 2018. This is Israel’s largest international High-Tech festival gathering hundreds of startups, Venture Capital, investors, leading multinationals such as Intel, Amazon, Google and many other along with more than 80 delegations from all around the world.

Being 4 hours from Lemanic Arc, Tel Aviv is a great opportunity to develop synergies with Switzerland and this highly technological hub.

Nomads foundation is proud to organize the official Swiss delegation since 2014. Each year, the interest is growing. In 2017, the Swiss delegation with more than 85 members was the second largest delagation of the DLD Tel Aviv innovation festival.

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Je voulais te remercier vivement pour ce superbe et passionnant voyage. C’était une découverte pour moi, je ne connaissais ni Israël, ni le monde de l’innovation, ni les participants. Ce fut génial et j’ai beaucoup appris. Je suis très admiratif que tu aies pu en si peu de temps fonder Nomads, convaincre tant de personnes et créer cet effet d’entrainement pour que 80 personnes te suivent dans cette aventure. Tu fais cela avec passion et désintéressement, motivé par la cause que tu défends.

Alexandre de Senarclens

Président du PLR Genève

It was an honour to stay with you for the first time, first pitch, first stage, first delegation, first travel to Tel Aviv. Well organized, thank you Nomads ‘s heart to bring us to the top of the entrepreneurship!

Marie Debombourg

COO We can fund

You have been a perfect organizer and I would like also to express the appreciation for the incredible commitment and passion from all the people of your team: they have been discretely always present and super efficient. Please extend my thanks and this recognition to all of them on my behalf.

You organization was impeccable and the program was very well balanced: high-end people to meet, great logistics and well diversified participants in the delegation. You proved to be a real pro in that.

I look forward to continuing to collaborate with you.

Antonio Gambardella


DLD Tel Aviv – Innovation Festival

We proudly represent Switzerland, supported by the Swiss delegation, to the DLD Tel Aviv Innovation FESTIVAL, between September 4th and 8th 2017 ! We are proud to organize for the 4th year in a row the Swiss delegation composed of Start-ups, entrepreneurs, journalists, education’s experts, politician acting for innovation in Switzerland and innovation lovers. DLD Tel Aviv is Israel’s largest international High-tech gathering, featuring hundreds of start ups, VC’s, angel investors and leading multinationals boasting top technological talent, the highest venture capital investments per capita and multinational centers for industry leaders such as Google, Intel, Amazon etc… and more than 80 delegations​ from all around the world. This is the perfect place to get close to the greatest innovations and develop synergies with our country. Our goals are : – Meet with local qualified actors – Understanding Tel Aviv’s ecosystem – Develop your own business – Understanding the successful so-called « Startup Nation » – Develop a sharing of experiences – Benefit from Israel’s technologies

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