As an independant platform committed to catalyse the key-players to accelerate innovative solutions in the Lake of Geneva, we federate leaders from interdisciplinary contexts to solve the big challenges in an interconnected and complex fast moving world.

Our values are based on the engagement that our partners innovate in including apprentices, students, adults in reconversion in the process.

We act in a responsive and agile way to meet the expectations of our stakeholders AND we put our human goals at the center.

Nomads is proud of its culture of independence, impartiality intellectual and moral integrity.


Swiss #1 economy will disappear unless we leverage the digital revolution by developing the critical mass of disruptive and sustainable innovation


Propel the lemanic Arc in the top 10
global startups ecosystem with stakeholders engaged in developing an inclusive society by 2025


  • ENGAGE all lemanic stakeholders into a common vision to create an inclusive future for the young Gen.
  • BUILD a unique training and innovation center with fast prototyping services
  • CONNECT smart entrepreneurs in Startups, SME/SMI and multinationals to disruptive innovation in order to solve the world biggest challenges through the 17 SDGs.
  • DEVELOP a private/public matching investment fund system to finance these innovations
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