We are Nomads Foundation

A foundation committed to develop innovative solutions based on the collective intelligence of diverse players to build a sustainable future for the next gen

Our vision

Faced with the 4th industrial revolution, as well as the exponential development of digital technologies (artificial intelligence, neurosciences, big data, blockchain, etc.) in many sectors (security, health, education, mobility, etc.), the Nomads Foundation gathers key players in the fields of innovation and vocational training, hence maximizing of the strength of our country :

  • Switzerland, number 1 in innovation (registered patents, universities and research centers)
  • Worldwide recognition of its dual vocational training system
  • A high concentration of experts and unique talents in the field of SDGs
  • The historical positioning of Geneva in tackling a model of economic development, whereby hulan development lies at the center (Rousseau, Voltaire and Henry Dunant)

Our project is based on the human values, ​described in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It proposes a major paradigm shift and catalyzes, through a collaborative approach, the needs of a variety players in Geneva’s economic sector.

Our process


We identify the major challenges of the revolution to come


We federate key-players to overcome these issues


We catalyze participants to co-create innovative solutions

"Alone you can go fast, together we go far"

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